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"Thank you everyone at Excel Physical Therapy Rehab. Every one so helpful and friendly. Vikas explained to me what was going and what i needed to do. I worked real hard on my exercises. Now i am on road to recovery so good not to have pain. Will miss everyone. I will refer everyone to Excel who needs therapy. Thank you again "
Jul 03, 2019
"Excellent staff one on one therapy they treat you like family I’ll would recommend them to everyone "
Apr 11, 2019
"I would highly recommend Excel to anyone in need of physical therapy. Vikas and Purnima and Stephanie are excellent professionally and they, along with the entire staff are very caring, friendly and genuine. I felt comfortable and at ease every visit. Choose Excel....they are amazing!"
Apr 11, 2019
"The doctor, therapists and staff are just wonderful. They have helped me so much!! I appreciate everything they’ve done to get me back on the road to recovery!"
Feb 04, 2019
"Staff extremly friendly, knowledgeable and helped me achieve results I wanted."
Feb 01, 2019
"I would like to thank the entire staff at Excel Physical Therapy & Rehab for the excellent attention to my recovery. Vikas was wonderful about explaining what he was trying to accomplish, including demonstrating with his joint models exactly what was going on in my neck and shoulder. When I first began my rehab, I was having difficulty sleeping due to the pain. That isn't the case any longer. With the detailed instructions he gave me, I intend to continue my rehab at home. I will truly miss all the staff at Excel....Vikas, Stephanie, Joanna, and Bailey. Thank you each and every one of you for all your professional and kind support. I would highly recommend Excel to anyone who may require physical therapy in the future."
Sep 04, 2018


Vikas is an exceptional, professional therapist with a caring, kind personality whose main concern is to help his patients. I would recommend his care to anyone who requires physical therapy.

- Doris

A big thank you to Vikas & Purnima Johri in my hours of need. Great job! Thanks also to Chance and Jessica in the office for all their help. Congratulations on your professional and friendly staff.

- Gerald

Front office staff has been friendly, concerning, and caring since the day they notified me for PT. Physical therapist Vikas has been working very hard with me for all sessions. Worked with me on one-on-one basis.

- Ching

Thanks to the wonderful folks at Excel Physical Therapy & Rehab, my back is in much better shape than it has been in recent years. Focused therapy, personal attention and comfortable surroundings made each session productive. And the welcoming and friendly staff and practitioners helped make each visit enjoyable. My doctor made the right decision in sending me to Excel for my therapy. Kudos and a big THANK YOU, Excel!

- Ann

I would highly recommend Vikas to anyone looking for an awesome place to begin therapy. He has helped me so much with my back, in terms of being pain-free and safe. He spent valuable one-on- one time teaching me the proper way of exercising, lifting, and carrying with my back that will last me a lifetime. I recommend Vikas to anyone that is having any orthopedic issues at all. I enjoyed my time working with him and am feeling ridiculously better and stronger after. The front desk staff was very helpful in scheduling and rescheduling, as well as very friendly.

- Brianna

I was happy that I had the same Physical Therapist every time. I had an enjoyable 4 weeks of recovery!

- Debra

My neck pain improved while coming here to PT as well as range of motion. I do feel stronger and plan to continue with the exercises at home. I really appreciate the friendliness of everyone here and always left with a smile. Thank you so much for everything.

- Carol

In 2 weeks I could feel and see improvements in range of motion. I would recommend Excel to friends and family. Thanks for all your help and support.

- Dennis

I would say Excel has helped me drastically, I would never have guessed that this PT would help so much. I would strongly recommend Excel to all, any, and many of people in physical need.

- Mitchell

Was very happy with everything- wouldn’t change a thing. If I ever need help again wouldn’t hesitate to make Excel my only choice. Everyone was so nice and helpful all around. Thank you ever so much for everything.

- Jan

I had gone to Vikas for a frozen shoulder, and then continued after I had shoulder surgery. I was very impressed with the one-on-one care and his great knowledge of physical medicine. He spent many painful hours working on my shoulder, trying to regain full range of motion, which thankfully we finally were able to achieve. I was very pleased with the results. Recently I was having knee pain, and worried that I had a torn meniscus. I was very happy with the results, and avoided another surgery. Vikas always worked around my work schedule, and everyone in the office is very friendly. I would highly recommend Excel Physical Therapy & Rehab.

- Sherry

My experience with Excel was very positive. Doctors and staff were friendly, answered my questions, were concerned about my complete recovery and did an excellent job on my shoulder.

- Rae

My physical therapy was made easier due to the sense of humor, knowledge, and explanation as to the ‘why’ of each exercise of the therapist.

- Jan

Thank you Vikas once again for helping me! You are the best PT there is!

- Sue

Didn’t think this would help after trying 2 other physical therapy offices with no results. This time it has helped. Treated all symptoms not just one area. I have recommended to some friends.

- Lisa

Vikas did an excellent job. His personal attention and home assignment helped me recover my knee replacement movement. His staff is very polite, cheerful, and helpful. This is the only place anybody should go for physical therapy.

- Dinesh

I would, and have, recommend Excel Physical Therapy & Rehab! Vikas pushes you to ‘excel’, to work hard, and thus improve. He is very personable, and the staff is very friendly. When I started therapy, I had back pain and trouble standing straight; and ended therapy virtually pain free and able to carry on with life. Thank you Vikas!

- Diann

This was my second experience with rehab on my shoulder. Had I gone to Excel the first time, I don’t think there would have been a second time. Highly recommend them, it’s worth every minute.

- Dean

Very happy with my treatment here. TMD and neck/shoulder weakness have been treated quickly and have made a difference in my quality of life. Thank you!

- Tressa

I thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted greatly from my time at Excel Physical Therapy. Everyone is very friendly and professional, and I highly recommend this facility for your PT needs!

- Brenda

Outstanding, I am almost pain free for the first time in years! Thank you!

- Daniel

Would highly recommend this to anyone needing physical therapy. Very personal and friendly atmosphere. After about a month of physical therapy I never felt better and could get back to normal activities. They were also very flexible and accommodating to my schedule. Loved them!

- Alexa

The staff at Excel PT & Rehab does an excellent job! Front office staff members are pleasant and very helpful with scheduling and support. Vikas is very knowledgeable about how body parts should work and his expertise is evident in his suggested therapy workout routines. Hard work pays off in better mobility and strength. I will highly recommend Excel to my friends and family.

- Suzanne

Office is very organized. Always worked around my schedule. Always on time and answered my questions if needed.

- Jennifer

Staff was caring and as a patient my concerns were addressed quickly and handled professionally.

- Garry